September Members Meeting – new business season, new projects

Many new initiatives and projects were approved, some of which are already being implemented.

The first BOA September Members Meeting for the new business season took place on Sept. 10 at Sofia Tech Park. Many new initiatives and projects were approved, some of which are already being implemented.

Two new working groups were announced whose sole focus will be on the BOA’s main priorities and policies. The first one has already been established – it includes C-level representatives and HR professionals, who will be discussing Education & HR. They will meet for the first time on Sept. 26. The second working group will focus on the organization of the BOA Annual Conference & Awards to assure the highest level of execution of this key project to the Association.  

The BOA rebranding process was the other topic discussed at our September Members Meeting. The execution of the project will start with a 360-degrees survey of the people’s perception of the industry and BOA. It will be conducted by Alfa Research. All BOA members will receive a tailored questionnaire and will be asked to share their opinion on the topic. The results of the survey will be discussed in November as for the rebranding - we aim to present the new Association’s new look at the Christmas party in December.

The elaboration of BOA’s 2018 Annual Industry Report has also started. It will be ready at the end of October and presented to our main stakeholders including media. The members will receive further information on the advertising opportunities and targeted outreach of the report and will be invited to support its production. An extended version for the Balkans is planned to be out in May 2019 and presented at the 2019 Annual Conference.

Last, but not least the members of BOA have decided to organize monthly meetings every second Tuesday of the month. In this regard, see you soon on Oct. 9!