RFP “BOA HR Survey 2019: salaries, benefits, engagement practices"

The Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) is an independent industry organization whose objective is to consolidate and represent the interests of the companies offering outsourcing services

1. Summary

The Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) is an independent industry organization whose objective is to consolidate and represent the interests of the companies offering outsourcing services, to communicate the benefits of outsourcing to a wider public, to boost the competitiveness of the businesses in the sector and create favorable environment to attract foreign investments in the sector.

BOA is issuing this Request for Proposal with the following key objective:

  • Provide current user-friendly confidential and anonymized information on job-matched salary ranges, associated benefit packages and employee engagement practices for the Bulgarian ITO and BPO markets, more specifically BOA Member companies.

The main aim of this bespoke HR survey is to provide more detailed information, to be used as a management decision-making tool, of the state of the HR market in the Bulgarian ITO and BPO sectors.

2. RFP Timeline

Milestone Date
RFP distributed to vendors: 22.02.2019
Proposal Submission: 11.03.2019

Proposal should be sent via e-mail to:

3. Scope and Deliverables

The Scope of the Request for Proposal covers the following areas:

• De-identified confidential survey (and subsequent analytical product) of BOA member companies’ HR practices (current and preferably – dating back at least 1 year).  

  • Survey should provide confidential but operational visibility on salaries and associated benefit packages (financial and non-financial, including av. flexible working format arrangements) for BOA companies enrolled din the survey, based on:

- BPO / ITO sub-sector (e.g. HRO, FAO, etc.)

- Company size

- Job location (Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, other cities)

- Job profile specifics (e.g. French-language support)

• The bespoke survey should measure total CSR giving by all surveyed companies (to allow measuring the collective CSR footprint) and primary areas of CSR investment.
Job profile matching must be ensured and the Proposal should include a methodological clarification of the planed process to secure this.
Data confidentiality must be guaranteed. The proposal should clarify how it will be ensured.

Assumptions regarding data quality (e.g. specific involvement of BOA companies in job profile matching) and data confidentiality (e.g. minimum number of participating BOA companies) should be explicitly spelled out. 

End products should include:

1) Detailed analytical report (in PPP or in standard Word format).

2) User-friendly Excel format OR Database format where companies will be able to do additional data reviews.
The results of the study must remain confidential and must not be shared to other clients of the vendor or non-participating companies.
The Proposal should include a project timeline plan, broken down by stages. It is preferable that the core of the analysis from this study be delivered no later than July 1, 2019. If that would not be possible under the proposed approach, the different delivery deadline should be explicitly justified.

4. Financial Offer Format
As a number of potential vendors provide services to one or more BOA members under global contracts, submitted proposal should provide a total survey price quote, but may also provide a break-down on per-company basis of their offer (differentiating between already serviced companies, and companies who do not have a contract with the vendor). 

5. Role of BOA and of Service Provider
BOA will play a facilitating role in the study, namely – help the vendor explain the value added of the survey, and if survey is approved, support the vendor in reaching out to participating companies, as well as facilitate the process of job profile matching