The outsourcing industry is among the best employers in Bulgaria

The sector generates 7.9% of all salary expenditures in our economy

The outsourcing sector makes up 2.4% of the labor market in Bulgaria. More than 67 300 people are employed and until 2021 their count is expected to be over 79 thousand people. This is according to data from the latest annual report about the development of the industry by the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association.

Meanwhile the sector the outsourcing sector generates 7.9% of all salary expenditures in our economy, which shows that salaries in the sector are twice larger than the average for the country.

The data comes of the recently conducted survey of the international consulting company Mercer among the members of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) for their HR politics shows that 96% of the companies give annual bonuses to their employees, which is in average the size of a gross work salary. The growth rate of the work salary in the sector on a yearly basis is commensurate with the other economic sectors. Because of the tendency in the last years to outsource company’s activities outside of Sofia, mainly to the big cities and universities, the wage growth outside of the capital is 10-11% for the last year.

Among the other general HR policies are additional benefits, which the sector gives as an employee. 100% of the companies provide additional health insurance, as well as a referral bonus for new comers. Almost 70% of the companies give their employees sports cards or pay or reimburse sport expenses. The same percentage of employers also ensure free healthy food at the office. 86% of the companies in the outsourcing sector have created spaces in their offices, designed for games, sports or leisure. Each 4th out of 5 companies give the option for work from home, if of course the nature of the work allows that.

“Globally, as well as in Bulgaria, along with the digital transformation of the different industries a tendency is seen for stronger bond between business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT outsourcing (ITO). The companies in Bulgaria are looking more to the usage of more digitally-oriented instruments that allow higher added value of the offered services. The growing search of highly qualified professionals is also the reason for the salaries between the two subsectors to get closer. In this competitive environment companies from our industry are daily measuring the level of satisfaction of their employees. And as a result of the good HR practices, our sector differs with its extremely high positive feedback by 80% of the employees”, comments Ivaylo Slavov, Chairman of the Board of BOA and Co-founder and CEO of Bulpros.

Another common feature of the industry of outsourcing services are the investments in social responsibility campaigns. The fields in which companies organize their initiatives is connected to health and safety, ethical behavior of employees and recycling and waste management. The outsourcing sector is also among the biggest investors in the field of education. Almost 100% of the companies (96%) have various partnerships with universities or other educational initiatives.