BOA Open Board Meeting Highlights

BOA held its Open Board Meeting on Dec 11, 2018

BOA held its Open Board Meeting on Dec 11, 2018. All BOA members were invited to take part in the Board’s discussion on BOA’s strategic direction for 2019.
First on the meeting’s agenda was the draft BOA budget for 2019, as shared with Members. The budget, which is balanced, will be finalized in the beginning of next year and ready for approval on the General Assembly on Jan 29, 2019.
Second, an update was given on the 360 BOA Repositioning Study. The Study is officially closed and data is being processed by the research agency. The key findings will be announced and discussed on the first Members Meeting for 2019, which will be held on Jan 15.
The preparation of the 2019 BOA Annual Conference & Awards -1st SEE Innovation, Technology and Sourcing Summit is advancing steadily. The time and location of the event May 17, Imperial Plovdiv Hotel&SPA. A draft of the conference line up and sponsorship packages will be shared with members for feedback by the end of Dec.  BOA Members suggestions for speakers, panelists and moderators will be warmly welcomed. The sponsorship packages of the conference will be distributed to all members before Christmas.
BOA’s calendar of events for 2019 was also put on the table for discussion. Members will review the proposed long list of events and will vote on the ones they would like to keep. Once the events calendar is completed, BOA’s budget for 2019 can be finalized.