BOA January Members Meeting Highlights

BOA members gathered for the first time this year on Jan 15

BOA members gathered for the first time this year on Jan 15 to recap BOA’s activities in 2018 and take a peek at the strategy for this year.

The meeting started with a presentation of BOA 360° Study’s results, led by Boriana Dimitrova, Managing partner at Alfa Research. Dimitrova gave an overview and interpretation of the survey’s key findings, followed by a heated Q&A session between her and BOA Members. The presentation was followed by a discussion on BOA’s values, mission and strategy for 2019 among BOA Members, which is still ongoing.
As part of BOA Christmas Drive, BOA Members supported the Bulgarian Natural Sciences Olympic Teams Association (NSOTA). The final product of BOA Members’ joint effort to support Bulgaria’s young scientific talent were announced on the meeting - they collected and donated BGN 2,600 to NSOTA.

The meeting also highlighted hot topics, important both for BOA and the outsourcing sector as a whole. The first one was the BOA Procurement working group proposal. Members voted in favor for the establishment of the group, because its benefits were recognized both for BOA member companies individually and as part of the industry. The Procurement working group will be chaired by Tony McMurray, Managing Director, Ingram Micro Global Business Services, Sofia, and the first gathering will be held in mid-February.

The second important topic that was raised was employers and their employees’ attitude to flexible working hours and more specifically – home office. There were interesting debates regarding the policies for working outside the office, as well as the possible opportunities and challenges of letting employees choose their working environment.
A new Managing Director of a BOA Member company was welcomed to the family. Proxiad Bulgaria announced their new Managing Director – Alexander Milev - who introduced himself at the meeting.
The Board of Directors also reminded Members of BOA General Assembly, which will take place on Jan 29. It is important for all Members to attend, as the Association’s budget will be approved and BOA Activity Report for 2018 will be presented.

Next month’s Members Meeting will take place on Feb 12, 2019.