BOA Christmas Cause: Let‘s support the Natural Sciences Olympic Teams Association

Тhis inaugural edition of BOA’s Christmas Philanthropic Drive will be dedicated to supporting the Bulgarian Natural Sciences Olympic Teams Association (NSOTA).

The concept behind the drive is to pull BOA’s Member Family efforts in one direction to achieve scalable impact on a cause corresponding to our BOA values and goals. Supporting young scientific talent is our 2018 theme.

Each BOA Member company is to independently choose whether and at what individual level to support the drive in favor of NSOTA, or whether to set their own fundraising challenge to other members, e.g. to match the overall pool collected by the end of the campaign in early January.

NSOTA is a registered reputable NGO established in 2010. Its members are the trainers preparing the academic olympic teams in Astronomy, Biology, Informatics, Mathematics, Mathematical Linguistics, Chemistry, Physics, and the team of Young Physicists. During 2017, the Bulgarian national teams in science have won 95 medals in total, as well as various honorable mentions. Around 70 teachers stand behind this success. The founding members of the Association are well-known scientists and veterans of the olympic tradition in Bulgaria, and the key activities organized by the Association are trainings, laboratory activities, specialized preparations in the field of the relevant scientific disciplines, equipping labs, providing lectors, developing problems, publishing tasks and problems from previous competitions.

The teams of greatest need for financial support for training at present are the Chemistry and Astronomy teams due to the practical tests involved. A measure of their talent are their academic medals: over the period 1999 - 2017, Bulgarian young chemists’ team has won 45 medals: 3 golden, 9 silver and 33 bronze. In 2017, the astronomy team students won 88 medals in total: 15 golden, 28 silver and 45 bronze.

We all have the opportunity to make Bulgaria proud of its talents. By supporting NSOTA, we support Bulgarian’s students potential and capabilities.

Donations will be received on NSOTA's account -  - in the period Dec 3, 2018 - Jan 10, 2019, with a transfer quoting "BOA 2018" in the subject to track members’ combined effort impact. The success of the cause will be reported on Jan 19.

The good starts from us. Let’s pass it on.