AIBEST companies to provide highly qualified specialist to work pro-bono on critical government electronic systems

AIBEST companies will provide 15,000 man-hours for work on critical and key electronic systems of the state administration

The Association for Innovation, Business Excellence, Services and Technology (AIBEST) will provide highly-skilled IT specialists, cybersecurity specialists and project managers free of charge to the Bulgarian government to assist with the rapid establishment of the national health information system. AIBEST companies will provide 15,000 man-hours for work on critical and key electronic systems of the state administration, as well as for ad-hoc development of applications needed during the state of emergency and during the recovery period. “Our companies are engaged this initiative to provide pro-bono at least 15 thousand man- hours of specialists from our organisation, in order to use these hours to improve the healthcare system. Our goal is to show that we need to stand together and work together and provide our free resources to the benefit of the society. Like other industries, technology and business services companies are already facing the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point, however, it is vital for the country's economy and for its recovery and development to find an effective way to
work together to deal with the crisis. Therefore, the owners and managers of our companies believe that it is our responsibility to society not only to retain as many jobs as possible, but also to support the institutions and the
National Operations Headquarters by providing our free available resource to deal with the COVID crisis -19,"said Ilia Krustev, Chairman of AIBEST. "The enthusiasm of our members was great. In fact, within 24 hours, we received the consent of most of our organization’s companies for this initiative," added Ivaylo Slavov, AIBEST board member. "We see that the state is in a difficult situation. Our businesses are export oriented, but now we need to help the state so that it is in position help further down the road. Bulgaria has world-class IT specialists. Now is the time to be meaningful, "said Plamen Tsekov, AIBEST board member. AIBEST is ready to activate an integrated web-based information system that includes an information platform, a referral system, remote counseling, a real-time Q&A module and call center teams to support the National Operations Headquarters, healthcare institutions and hospitals. AIBEST is committed to provide to the government an analysis of the ongoing business transformations and those in the public sector and social systems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Analysts from AIBEST companies will monitor, analyze and provide successful practices and recommendations for policy and regulatory changes based on the monitored transformations in the economy, labour market, international relations and
strategic sectors for Bulgaria.

"The analysis of the transformations of business ecosystems and social relationships we are working on will play a key role in planning new regulations crisis recovery measures and rapid adaptation of public and private systems. Planning a step ahead will give us an edge in building next-generation public and business services and can be the basis for advancing ahead of other competitive economies. This will position Bulgaria in a new, completely different way in Europe and the world, ”Krustev added.