TeleTech Foundation in support of Association HUG ME

TTEC employees sponsored a project of Association HUG ME, namely “What is there behind the letters” which is being held in support of a group of 20 children deprived of parental care. The children are living in Family Type Centers on the territory of Sofia and Dren, Radomir. Typically, these children live in an isolated environment, have a communication problem, are more difficult to communicate with their peers at school. Creative writing meetings that are organized under this project encourage children to unveil their intellectual and creative talents, to realize their own identity. At each subsequent meeting, they become more confident and their interest in art and education opens up new horizons ahead of them.

Association HUG ME has 15 years of experience, which has proven that the regular and systematic meetings of a set group of children, especially when they are being moderated by professionals in the field of arts and children psychology, lead to the enhancement of these children's abilities to both think creatively and show empathy. The group sessions, that are held under the current project provide a unique mix between literature, psychology and spontaneous creativity, which is inherent to every child. During these sessions the participating children have the opportunity to get in touch with new esthetic experiences, as well as to find the power to look at their difficult circumstance and problems in life in a new, much more positive and constructive way. We are beyond excited to be part of this project because we believe that education is the key to a successful community!

TeleTech Community Foundation was founded in 2007, since its inception, the foundation has donated more than $4,000,000 to education-related organizations across the globe. All grant awards are employee-sponsored and are provided within the communities where TTEC operates around the world.

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