Pontica Solutions in partnership with Sofia University

Ivan Georgiev, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Pontica Solutions, was the first guest speaker in the Outsourcing and Offshoring Course at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Sofia University). Ivan shared Pontica’s story, structure and future plans with students from all Master’s programs. During the lecture, he explained in details the stages of the implementation and management of an outsourcing project and different outsourcing practices. Finally, he discussed the outsourcing trends in Bulgaria and worldwide as well as the business needs that they meet.

Being a member of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association, our top priority this year is to support the cooperation between universities and businesses by sharing practical knowledge and highlighting best practices. We will continue to take part in all university initiatives, career events, lectures, and workshops to motivate and prepare students to study and work in Bulgaria.

From Winter Semester 2019, our senior strategic management will actively take part in the first Master’s Program in Outsourcing at Sofia University along with some of the most experienced professionals in the sector, so follow us for future events and updates.