A New Initiative of Sofia University Brings Together the Business and Students

Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" introduced the initiative" Your future is here. Success is in Bulgaria". Its aim is to promote the opportunities for young people to learn and develop professionally in Bulgaria. At its inauguration, data was presented showing that both education and professional development abroad were estimated to be slightly better than those in Bulgaria. The opposite, however, is the opinion of young people about the potential for career development, with only 12% believing that it is better abroad than 32%, who think they will have the opportunity to build a good career in our country.
On April 3rd 2019, the Central Lounge of the Rectorate of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski " gathered dozens of representatives of state institutions and businesses, as well as public figures and media for the opening of the initiative" Your future is here. Success is in Bulgaria". With it, the education institution and Cargill in Bulgaria aim to motivate young people to study and work in Bulgaria, highlighting good examples, providing more practical knowledge of the students and telling about the opportunities for career development in Bulgaria.

The Board of Trustees of the initiative consist of leaders of opinion in our country strongly committed to the retention of young and educated people in our country and the provision of professional perspectives for them. Teodor Sedlarski, Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Sofia University, Metodi Georgiev, Executive Director of Cargill, Maxim Meyer, Editor-in-Chief of Manager Magazine, Desislava Banova-Plevnelieva. They all support the cause of the university.

A number of events, lectures, and workshops with business people are planned during the campaign. They will go to the students and together they will deal with real business case studies, share their personal experiences with young people and help them in choosing a career or further education. Last but not least, students will also have the opportunity to acquire work experience as businesses will open to proactive students. This will enrich students' curriculum and give them a real insight into the opportunities they are to expect in the business world.

The Dean of the Faculty of Economics at Sofia University, Prof. Teodor Sedlarski, commented on the importance of cooperation between universities and businesses in the preparation of highly qualified staff for the contemporary conditions on the labor market. "The best training is practice: students need to be able to apply their knowledge in practice. Only then all of us who are part of this process - teachers, students, and now employers - can be sure that the training of future specialists is complete, "said Prof. Sedlarski.

In addition, the Executive Director of Cargill in Bulgaria, Metodi Georgiev said: "Businesses in Bulgaria face serious issues with their future staff. We offer modern and attractive positions, but there are not enough young talents to fill them. We need young people to study in Bulgaria and to build their careers and lives here in Bulgaria. It is the idea of supporting their sustainable development that motivates us to be part of this initiative."