Ingram Micro Bulgaria's CSR Activity Group with the prestigious Martha Ingram Leadership Award for 2018

Driven by a single cause: MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE, Ingram Micro Bulgaria's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activity Group was awarded with the prestigious Martha Ingram Leadership Award for 2018.

This award is named after Martha Ingram, former Ingram Micro chairman and CEO, an accomplished business leader and community philanthropist. It is presented annually by Ingram Micro in recognition and celebration of exceptional leadership and extraordinary impact in our communities or at work and is based on the core values of leadership, commitment, and integrity and trust.

Ingram Micro has a long history of performing and being involved in solid CSR activities in Bulgaria, and among more than 33 000 employees worldwide the team in Sofia has now been recognized with the 2018 award. This is thanks to their strong engagement in giving back to the communities in which we operate, as an integral part of our commitment to social responsibility.

Despite facing various challenges, the team's courage to fight for every single noble cause has helped set the tone in the company and encourage their peers to get involved, always strive to become better people and make the world a better place. Some of their many charitable efforts include blood drives (donated 16 l blood), stray animals shelter support, cleaning the forest and planting trees (planted 600 trees), taking care of our environment (+70 kg recycled plastic caps), making visits and donations to children in foster homes and donating food products to those in need (120 bags of food products), multiple bake sales supporting different causes and numerous hours invested in volunteer work.

This committed team will continue performing social, community and environmental outreach, and thus make a significant difference in the world we live in and a notable difference at the workplace.