EY Academy of Business

On 25 Oct 2018, there will be a special event focusing on the New specific transfer pricing rules in the BPO and IT sectors.

The event, which will review key aspects of the new transfer pricing rules and guidelines for transactions within groups operating in the BPO and IT sectors, is organized by EY Bulgaria.

A special 20% discount for all BOA members is applied.

Some of the core discussion topics include:

∙ Software development and IP R&D activities on a contract basis
∙ New DEMPE analysis of the value added by group members
∙ Specific OECD guidelines on using the profit split method
∙ Transfer of intellectual property and specific guidelines for unique hard-to-value intangibles
∙ Stock-based compensation plans and TP aspects
∙ EU digital tax proposals – digital turnover tax and formation of a digital permanent establishment

Who is it for?

- IT Centers and ITOs
- BPOs
- Software distribution firms

For more information, please follow the link.

Upon registration, please quote ‘BOA Member’ next to your name.

EY Academy of Business Upcoming Events

The EY Academy of Business provides professional education and trainings in Bulgaria and in the region. Training topics include, but are not limited to IFRS, Finance and Accounting.
A special 10% discount for all BOA members is applied. The Academy is also offering targeted on-demand trainings for the Finance teams of all BOA member companies.
Some of the training topics include:
October – December 2018, Annual series of seminars on IFRS requirements for financial year 2018, 2019 and leading practices for effective accounting and tax closing of financial year 2018

16–17 January 2019, Reading and interpreting financial reporting information
February -March 2019, Analysis of an entity's financial statements and reports
November 2018 – May 2019, A series of trainings: The EY Diploma in IFRS

To see an extended list of trainings, please check the link