Experian Bulgaria supports the personal and professional development of youngsters with fewer opportunities

Experian Bulgaria has donated over 40k dollars to the Concordia Foundation and to the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion.  Coupled with Experian’s continuing commitment to providing mentorship programmes, Experian Bulgaria’s goal with these projects is to establish long-term sustainable partnerships, while engaging its employees in making a positive impact on the local community.

Nearly half of the donation is to be used for the House of Opportunity Program of the Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI), which the company has been supporting for three years now. The program is a network of observed homes, which provide state care leavers with two years of life skills training, employment opportunities and accommodation in a family-style home.

Experian’s donation will cover the majority of the expenses of the Sofia home, which currently houses six youngsters. Moreover, the company will continue with its mentorship program, where an employee works with a resident from the home on their personal and professional development.

“Each of the mentors has regular meetings with their mentee, where we play board games, do homework or just talk to each other,” shared Elizabet Valcheva, Delivery Analyst at Experian and the coordinator of the CSR activities at the Sofia office. “As mentors we try to set an example for them, but also build a relationship as a trusted friend and help them develop their skills further. It’s all about the small wins.” The mentors also conduct financial literacy training twice a year.

The other part of the funds will go to the Concordia Foundation, a social service organization supporting children, young adults and families from vulnerable groups and offering them a wide range of opportunities to cover basic needs and to foster their personal development. The foundation also has its own soccer club, which helps is used as one of the tools to motivate the youngsters and instill a sense of team work and discipline in them. The funds will be used in part for a training on financial inclusion, debt and addiction prevention, led by Experian employees, while the rest will be used to support the club’s activities and renovate the “Atanas Mihaylov” stadium in Orlandovtsi, Sofia, where the young adults can practice.

Experian volunteers will also join the children in making sure the fields are properly maintained. Several friendly games between the Concordia and the Experian soccer teams are also scheduled. ”Through the renovation of the stadium we hope we will help many children and families lead a better life and we’re honored to be a part of it,” said Valcheva.

Each year Experian donates funds to projects across the globe which help further develop the local communities. The initiatives the company supports are in four main fields: improving financial identities and access to credit, providing financial education and tackling unmanageable debt among vulnerable groups.

In addition to this funding, every Experian employee at the Sofia office is granted three paid days off per year to do volunteer work. In 2018 only the Bulgarian team has had more than 960 volunteer days participating in various initiatives, which was part of the reason for the company to be acknowledged for its overall volunteering company policy by TimeHeroes.