Discover Coca-Cola Hellenic in Bulgaria

This is the title of an interesting employer branding project that gives the public a taste of working life and culture at the company, which has a unique presence in Bulgaria. Our country is home to a bottling business with two production centers, as well as the Group Services Centers for Finance & Accounting, Data Management, HR (Business Services Organization) and IT solutions (Business Solutions & Systems). Thus, the company is represented by 1750 employees on the local labor market who can benefit from diverse development opportunities in various career fields and accumulate professional experience and knowledge, both at home and abroad.

Discover Coca-Cola Hellenic consists of several components. These include an interactive and user-friendly digital game, played on all types of mobile devices, where people can understand curious facts about company history, connect with its iconic brands and learn more about the teams and daily business. There are also professional challenges from four business areas – finance, commercial, supply chain and IT – for players to tackle and overcome. 
The winners have the chance to visit the company office, meet and gain knowledge from some of its top leaders and experience different business cases.

The project is popularized by a broad social media campaign with videos, posts and ads, featuring the famous Bulgarian singer and influencer Mihaela Fileva. She was challenged to step into the roles of sales representative, senior accountant, IT product manager and even became bottling line operator responsible for the production of the emblematic soft drinks in the Kostinbrod production center.

The videos have a real-life feel, with employees as the "actors". They have also written the scripts, based on authentic business situations.

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