The Cause Team

The Cause is a local HPE team of volunteers established in May 2017. Their mission is to enable and motivate Bulgarian employees to actively participate in meaningful social and volunteering initiatives. The main focus areas are Education, Social Sustainability and Community. The project is supported by the HPE Bulgaria Management Board and one of its goals is to position the company as a workplace that provides opportunity for career with a cause.

The team aims to promote the company-wide online platform called HPE Gives. The platform is managed by the HPE Foundation and motivates the employees to organize and attend volunteering events in support of local charity organizations. It awards up to $10 per volunteering hour for donations and also matches employees‘ donations up to $5 000 per person per year.

The Cause organizes various initiatives such as Charity bazaars, Bake sales, Arts & Crafts workshops, Donations, Cleaning campaigns, Urban farming, Renovating activities, Animal initiatives, Seminars and Community support.

For the past year and a half the team has achieved significant results:
• Over 80 local events organized
• $53 000 donated
• Over 50 Bulgarian NGOs supported
• 8 200hrs of employee volunteering for 2018 so far

One of their most successful projects is called 4Rs (Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). It raises awareness about plastic pollution, individual impact, responsibility and plastic waste reduction at HPE Sofia site. The team builds partnerships with local cafeterias, businesses and organizations helping them adopt a sustainable waste management practices. Thanks to the consistent efforts in this direction HPE has been recently awarded for Zero waste company by 0 Waste Bulgaria organization. For this purpose, they've created a pocket guide. If you'd like to receive a copy of it, contact them on

HPE aims to cultivate the spirit of giving among all its employees worldwide. In each of their sites, they organize a Global Day of Service. It promotes the HPE's global volunteering policy which gives the opportunity to spend 60 hours of paid time off annually.

The company supports nonprofit organizations which the employees have meaningfully engaged with. This happens through the Community Impact Grant Program sponsored by the HPE Foundation. It gives the employees the opportunity to nominate NGOs in order to get funding for a specific need related to their cause. As a result of the effort of The Cause team, Teach for Bulgaria Foundation got a reward of $10 000 and Trotoara Foundation – a reward of $15 000.

Thanks to all these various initiatives, HPE establishes culture of corporate social responsibility and strives to set an example of a company that offers to its employees an opportunity for career with a cause and giving back to community in a consistent and constructive manner.