Cargill Executive Director honored with ‘Employer Brand Leader of the Year’ award in Bulgaria

(Sofia) February. 21, 2019

Metodi Georgiev, executive director of Cargill in Bulgaria and operations manager of Cargill Business Services Sofia,  received  the ‘Employer Brand Leader of the Year’ award for successfully contributing to the link between leadership and the implementation of HR strategies and projects for attracting and managing talents within Cargill in Bulgaria.

“This recognition is something we are very proud of and showcases Cargill’s efforts in attracting and retaining talent based on our well-established employer brand,’ said Metodi Georgiev. The Bulgaria team, led by him, continues to emphasize one of Cargill's key values – “Putting People First”, in all aspects of its business.

The corporate culture at Cargill in Bulgaria and the Cargill Business Services Center in Sofia stimulates a work environment in which employees are given the opportunity to make decisions, collaborate, gain practical experience and realize their potential in an international career.

Metodi Georgiev, explains: “Our unique approach to training new employees and ensuring many different career development opportunities lies at the heart of Cargill’s successful development strategy in Bulgaria. I am honored that the team is passionate about continuing to drive forward our robust talent and performance strategy.”

The annual Employer Branding Awards honor businesses and personalities for excellence in building and validating the image and popularity of the employers' brands, innovation in talent management, and new successful HR strategies.