AIG celebrates Global Volunteer Month during their Centennial year

During this month all employees are encouraged to take advantage of their Volunteer Time Off to volunteer for causes they care about. Any employee, team, or Employee Resource Group may choose an existing volunteer initiative or champion their own project to lead.

This year AIG’s Sofia Centre of Excellence exceeded all expectations. Almost 200 employees invested 700 hours in volunteer work, sharing their diverse talent, skills and commitment in the local communities to help make a difference. The initiatives they supported impacted the lives of children without parental care, elderly and disabled people, refugees, and even wild animals and pets. For some AIG employees the experience was so gratifying that they participated in several different volunteer activities in one month.

The impact created by colleagues here was recognised globally during a Global Employee Town Hall with Brian Duperreault, President and Chief Executive Officer of AIG, as well as locally by the many organisations they worked with to make this happen.

While AIG puts special emphasis on volunteering during Global Volunteer Month, AIG employees volunteer and donate all year round.