The “Dare to Scale” Program

One of the main long-term strategic goals of ScaleFocus is to help communities grow and develop through sustainable technology solutions. We establish strong partnerships with organizations, which aim to give opportunities to enthusiasts, who have innovative business ideas, yet need assistance with shaping and putting them into action.

Our partners from Endeavor are dedicated to supporting start-ups and businesses, which are at an early stage of growth. This inevitably led to launching their newest “Dare To Scale” program, which is the first growth program in Bulgaria that targets entrepreneurs and businesses that have already passed the early stages of their development and are at the beginning of their expansion. ScaleFocus is one of the trusted partner, who will assist Endeavor is this noble initiative. The main sponsor of the event is Postbank and it is also supported by BSMEPA.

The 4-month program will give 10 companies the chance to undergo specialized training and interactive sessions, led by successful entrepreneurs and leaders from Endeavor and ScaleFocus. The training focuses on the core areas which are essential for every successful company – Organizational Management, Marketing, Sales, Financial Planning and Capital Raising. Our Chief Technology Officer, Viktor Bilyanski, Chief Digital Officer, Krasimir Kostadinov and Marketing Director, Metodi Amov, are eager to meet the entrepreneurs and give them insights on how to run a successful business.

“Another challenge is ahead of us. I am always excited to take part in such initiatives and share my experience to help others grow and succeed. “Dare to Scale” is an example of a great program, which can serve as an example of how companies from all backgrounds should gather forces to assist others through sharing valuable business insights.” said Metodi Amov, Marketing Director.


“Dare to Scale” Kick-Off Event

The kick-off event of “Dare to Scale” was hosted today, where Endeavor, Posbank, ScaleFocus and BSMEPA introduced the program to the wider audience. Hear what Viktor Bilyanski shared on why is ScaleFocus supporting the initiative.

“We decided to join this program, as to provide our expertise, know-how and the necessary funding for the selected participants” - stated Petya Dimitrova, CEO Postbank Bulgaria

According to the Managing Director of Endeavor, Momchil Vasilev, currently there are money resources in Bulgaria for start-ups that are already on the market and for mature companies, who want to make a step towards the bigger market. However, there are very few projects for companies, standing in the middle, who want to, yet cannot grow by themselves. Here is where Endeavor saw an opportunity.

All companies are eligible to apply. The application process is open until the 10th of May 2019. A successful “Dare to Scale” candidate is a visionary entrepreneur, with big dreams and goals, whose company fulfills the following criteria:

    Revenue for 2018 is between €100 k – €10 M
    The company employs up to 150 employees
    Headquarters are in Bulgaria


ScaleFocus supporting Innovation

We at ScaleFocus are fully-devoted to supporting such initiatives and regularly act as mentors, sponsors, and supporters of various local initiatives. An example of this is our participation in the opening of the first IT Highschool in Burgas. ScaleFocus opened 2 new offices in 2018 in Burgas and Varna with the primary goal to help the local ICT ecosystem grow.

In 2018, we launched the first ScaleCamp for Java and SAP ABAP, where 24 enthusiasts had the opportunity to enlarge their knowledge and hands-on experience while working on a real project. The successfully passed campers are now FTEs at ScaleFocus.

The “Dare to Scale” program is our next challenge. We are excited to take part in Endeavor’s initiative and are eager to share our know-how and insights, based on ScaleFocus’ 7-year history of successfully operating on the international market. What is more, our company itself started as a start-up and managed to turn into one of the biggest and most dedicated technology companies.