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University of Telecommunications and Posts (UTP)

The University of Telecommunications and Posts (UTP) is a successor of the State Telegraph School, founded in 1881.The development and the modern education is a major priority of the University, so its focus today is training of specialists in the field of telecommunications, information technology and management. More than 1100 students are taught in specialties like Telecommunication technologies, Wireless communications and broadcasting, Computer administration of software applications and Management and information technologies in telecommunications and post. Since this year, UTP has launched a new specialty - "Software Design", whose curriculum has been prepared together with the largest companies in the field of information technologies. Such close co-operation leads to a shortening of the training period for young people who, in most cases, lack the skills they need for business after completing their higher education. The new curricula ensure the relevance of the curriculum and a good basis for learning the specific knowledge needed by young people in their development as good professionals. This, in turn, leads to a reduction in the funds allocated to the training of business and the preservation of Bulgaria's status as the most attractive outsourcing destination. Also, students have the opportunity to start working in the IT sector before their graduation. The application process includes an English exam and the documents can be submitted online also on
The main objective of the University is to make young people stay in Bulgaria and be optimistic about their future and their realization.


Bachelor degree:

  •  Telecommunication technologies;
  •  Wireless communications and broadcasting;
  •  Computer administration of software applications;
  •  Software design;
  •     Management and information technology in telecommunications and post.

Master degree:

  •  Information technologies;
  •  Mobile communications and internet;
  •  Service management;
  •  Smart leadership.

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