Second Edition of Hi-Tech Industry Awards: 2 Times Мore Categories and 3 Times Мore Entries

International jury assesses the submitted proposals at Innovation, Technology & Sourcing Awards
The second edition of the Hi-tech Industry Awards estimates three times more applications in almost twice as many categories. Innovation, Technology & Sourcing Awards 2017, initiated by – Bulgaria Outsourcing Association (BOА) and Bulgarian association of software companies (BASSCOM), will mark the achievements of Bulgarian companies in the outsourcing sector, software companies, IT companies, start-up companies from the sectors, investors and local authorities. In recent years, their joint efforts have contributed to building Bulgaria as a leading outsourcing and technology destination.
The International Jury of the awards evaluates leading best practices and high business achievements in the following categories:
  • Innovation in Technology;
  • Technology Employer of the Year;
  • Outsourcing Service Provider of the Year;
  • Shared Service Center of the Year;
  • IT Product of the Year;
  • IT Project of the Year;
  • Software Company of the Year;
  • Startup of the Year.
The winners in the categories Technology Building of the Year and Technology Business Building of the Year will identify by over 120 leading high-tech companies in the country.
Get acquainted with part of the international jury experts in  Innovations, Technology & Sourcing Awards 2017:
Sebastiano Toffaletti
Secretary General at PIN-SME
Sebastiano Toffaletti is Secretary General at European DIGITAL SME Alliance, the European association of ICT Small Medium sized Enterprises.  In 2007, he contributed to the funding of the organizationn, the first European ICT industry association with focus on protecting the interests of small and medium-sized enterprises. Currently, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance represents thousands of small companies, active in the sector across Europe.
Stefan Bumov
Co-founder and COO, HeleCloud
Stefan Bumov is co-founder and COO of Helecloud, an innovative UK-based technology consultancy start-up. He is co-founder of the Bulgarian Outsourcing Association and its Chairman between 2012 and 2017. Stefan Bumov has extensive experience in the field of corporate strategies, technology, business services and entrepreneurship.
Ben Randal
Joint CEO and CCO, . I / O
Ben Randal is joint CEO and CCO of the company. I / O which has one mission - to create the future of value for People, Enterprise and Society. As part of. I / O, he takes roles into boards for strategic counselling. One of the companies he helps is a Silicon Valley startup, which has received over $ 6.5 million as a start of funding. Ben has worked in the advertising industry for world brands and innovative companies such as Audi, Red Bull, Oakley, Yo Sushi, Astra Zeneca, BMS, Mercedes and Google and has advised some of the largest advertising agencies in the world including Publicis and WCG for design strategy, on design strategy, creative campaigns and digital product innovation and content.
Octavio Brito
Octavio Brito has over 20 years of experience in IT Governance, Regulatory & Compliance and Vendor Management focusing on the finance branch working mainly for companies as Commerzbank AG and Deutsche Bank AG throughout Europe and South America.
Roy Rachamimov
Associated Director, EY
Roy Rachamimov has more than 20 years of consulting experience in the global arena, with a strong track record of delivering value to companies in the technology, financial services and professional services industries . As Associated Director, Strategic Initiatives Management group, he serves as an internal management consultant working with EY practice leaders on projects focusing on business growth, efficiency and automation implementations. The business departments he works with have annual revenues from $ 3 million to over $ 1 billion.
Kanth Krischnan
Co-founder & VP Solutions Delivery, Intrigo Systems
He is a business strategist and technology professional, with a long track record of helping companies innovate on operating models, business processes & technology solutions. As a co-founder and VP Solutions Delivery at Intrigo Systems, he has worked with international brands such as Levi’s, Chevron, Nvidia, Clorox, Corning, Fossil, Mylan and HP Inc.
Dr. Pradeep.K.Mukherji 
President & Managing Partner at Avasant 
Dr. Pradeep Muhardji is president and managing partner of Avasant. He has over 25 years of extensive experience and expertise as an international management consultant for governments, developing institutions, trade authorities and the private sector. He is a recognized leader in the field of business promotion and capacity building, public policy consultancy and e-governance, ICT and digital innovation strategies, export and investment strategies. His expertise on the impact of ICT investments and ICT policy has helped to implement critical initiatives and initiatives defining the future in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.