The outsourcing industry has the potential to strengthen economic growth of Bulgaria

The industry has set the beginning of numerous innovations and creates prerequisites for greater technology progress
Bulgarian Outsourcing Association (BOA) in partnership with the Association of commercial building owners in Bulgaria (ACBO) and ICT Media hosted the ROAD SHOW 2017 „Competitive Economy by Stimulating the Partnership Between the Local Authorities and the Business“ .  The discussion took place on September 19, 2017 in Varna at SPA Hotel Romance Splendid. 
The project Road Show 2017 г.: „Competitive Economy by Stimulating the Partnership Between the Local Authorities and the Business“ begins in 2016 with pilot project in Rose and continues during the current year with discussions in Burgas (March 2017) and Sofia (May 2017). The organizers aim at creating prerequisites for regional development through improvement of the business climate. 
The event is the fourth edition of the initiative and in each city where it took place the importance of the cooperation between universities, local authorities and business related to the outsourcing business is pointed out as crucial. In Plovdiv we managed to establish a master degree program designed to address the needs of the outsourcing business. Burgas has a similar program, also, and I will be very happy if we manage to realize it in Varna in order to continue developing the sector across Bulgaria”, said Stanimir Nikolov, Chairman of the board, BOA.
The mayor of Varna Ivan Pornih took active participation in the discussion. During the event was announced that 38% of municipality budget is dedicated to education and more BGN 35 millions are foreseen for 2017/2018. Varna is the Bulgarian Black Sea city with the most universities and colleges where 40 000 university students study. The young professionals are focus of municipality efforts to create skilled ready to work in the IT and outsourcing. This way the establishment of favorable business development environment is one step ahead. In 2016 BGN 350 millions were used to improve the overall infrastructure of the city and another BGN 300 millions are planned for the coming 2018.
BOA expressed its readiness to support Varna municipality to present its investment potential in front of future business partners. The association has a lot experience in cooperation with various Bulgarian cities and is ready to make a contribution in creating favorable business development environment for the outsourcing in Varna. 
The other key panelists were Tanya Koseva-Boshova, Chairperson of the Managing Board of ACBO, Viktor Buzev, Chief Architect of Varna, Stoyan Pasev, Regional Governor, Regional Administration Varna, Stefan Bumov, co-founder and COO at HeleCloud, Plamen Andreev, owner of Planex and academia and business representatives 
The discussion addressed the strategies and policies for stimulating the competitiveness of the business in the region by ICT and outsourcing; promotion of Varna as a good place for investments and development of high technologies, BPO services and business properties; stimulation of the educational initiatives for training the young specialists in the region according to the business aims and requirements; providing attractive living conditions – green areas for relaxation, development the transport network, conditions for cultural and social life, low taxes.