Experian Bulgaria launches a credit decisioning software product for organisations

Where there is complexity, Experian brings clarity, combining data, analytics and technology to help organisations better understand and meet the needs of their customers. Moreover, the company aims to bring financial inclusion to every adult in the world through data and innovation. With 17,200 employees in 44 countries worldwide, Experian is a global technology company and market leader in data and analytics. That as well as the knowledge and expertise gained locally is what brought Experian Credit Insight On-Demand to life.

The company opened up its office in Bulgaria back in 2004. Ever since it has grown to being the biggest one in the EMEA region with more than 1000 employees, brand new office building, numerous accolades for being an employer of choice, an internal program for flexible working hours and many more initiatives and collaborations. It has also helped organisations use the information and insights they already have, to create a comprehensive 360-degree customer view and provide dynamic credit offerings, to help drive long-term customer loyalty and their business as a whole.

Numerous organisations however lack the scale and financial resources to be able to support in-house analytics and data science expertise along with the most up to decisioning software, and that’s where Experian’s new product called Experian Credit Insight On-Demand comes in.

“Based on our extensive Bulgarian market expertise, we have developed “best practice” product specific strategy configurations (“models”) for Mortgages, Personal loans, Small ticket loans and Credit Cards. The launch of this new product in the Bulgarian market will allow organisations, with a reduced investment, to grow revenues by meeting customers’ ever-increasing expectations for easy to access products combined with instant, frictionless experiences”, said Spiros Giourgas, Sales Director, Experian Balkans.

Thanks to the Credit Insight On-Demand Platform organisations will be able to access multiple data sources and extract from them valuable insights that can be used to accelerate and improve the decisioning process. Being able to identify, record and categorise the frequency of deposits helps deliver a clear income pattern over time and will make lending much more accessible to this group. It will also help ensure more customers get the benefits of faster, smarter and appropriate access to credit, while lenders can forge ahead with winning market share and meeting their digital aspirations.

Experian’s mission is to create a better tomorrow for consumers and organisations alike to bring innovation and change to society. With investing in new technologies, talented people and innovation Experian helps all its clients to maximize every opportunity.