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Resolve Systems

Resolve Systems is the most widely deployed enterprise security & IT incident response automation platform. Resolve provides actionable dashboards and process guidance for end-to-end and human-guided automations. Headquartered in Irvine, California with Operations in EMEA, Resolve Systems has Fortune 500 customers around the world.

Resolve Systems was founded by individuals with extensive experience in working with IT Operations, Security Operations, Network Operations and Customer Care. We are convinced that these teams need a more holistic and systematic approach for applying automation in a broad way to all incident resolution procedures.

What makes us different is our ability to enable the automation of select steps in any engineer-driven resolution procedure, as well as embed specific content into any procedure on a step-by-step basis. The Resolve Software also includes real-time incident resolution collaboration, the ability to capture a record of every resolution, and a complete workflow for continuous procedure improvement.

Gartner estimates that traditional automation solutions do not address up to 85% of incident resolution processes that can be automated. Other products have focused solely on the “end-to-end” automation of a limited number of resolution processes. Resolve makes a bigger impact on productivity by combining full automation capabilities with the ability to easily automate select tasks within any engineer or customer care agent driven resolution process.

Resolve is part of Insight Venture Capital and was acquired in May 2017.
It has more than 300 employees on global level. HQ is in Irvine, Orange County, California and has global offices around the globe – Singapore, Dublin, London and Sofia.

As part of the roadmap for becoming ultimate leader in Incident response and Automation, the company together with the Investor have decided to expand the global operations to Sofia, Bulgaria, by creating a RnD center of excellence.
The Bulgarian team will focus mainly on development of new AI features and functionalities of the product. Machine Learning will be the core component and capability of the development center in Sofia.
In addition, the plan for growth in 2018 includes new functions like Marketing, Sales, Professional Services and Level 3 support.
The project in Bulgaria has started in August’17 and by end of December’17 the team already had 10+ professionals in the field of software development and Machine Learning. It is expected that by end of 2018, the RnD center will have around 40 employees.

Resolve provides on global level End-to-End Automation as an enterprise solution to customers like T-Systems, VISA, Ericsson, Deutsche Bank, Vodafone, Fujitsu, Amadeus and many others.
Resolve is the only enterprise-wide, unified process orchestration and automation platform.

A Complete Security Incident Response Platform.



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