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Proxiad Bulgaria

Proxiad Group is a French IT Services Company founded in 1997 with expertise in consulting, new technologies and information systems and offices across 6 cities in France (Paris, Lille, Nantes, Rouen, Strasbourg and Lyon) and 2 cities in Bulgaria (Sofia and Plovdiv).
Proxiad Bulgaria was established in 2005 as the Bulgarian nearshore/offshore subsidiary of Proxiad Group and employs over 185 multilingual IT specialists.
As a supplier of innovative solutions, Proxiad Bulgaria is focusing its activities towards complex software products, providing IT services covering the entire software lifecycle: consultancy, business analysis, development, integration, testing and quality assurance, project management, maintenance, support, infrastructure management (system, network & database administration).
We work for clients in a variety of different industries: banking, telecom, emailing, invoicing, crowdfunding…
Their geographic spread includes Europe and the US, with a significant amount of companies originating from France.
To be able to transform our client’s idea in a future service or product or to improve their current software we provide them with flexible and tailored to their needs collaboration models: stable and dedicated teams of highly skilled professionals or project based engagements.
Dedicated team
  • Fully dedicated team for long term needs
  • Complete control over the selection and management of dedicated team members
  • Agile approach
Fixed price project
  • Commitment on budget, schedule, deliverables, quality and service level
Capabilities & Expertise
The academic experience is highly appreciated at Proxiad, therefore, all our people have a significant technical background in computer science. Our clients being exclusively composed of international companies, 100% of our specialists have an excellent command level in English and more than 50% speak French. Their experience and unique know-how translate into multiple successfully delivered projects so far, from small applications to large-scale enterprise systems using various project approaches, technologies and methodologies.
  • Technological know-how: Java, JavaScript, PHP, .Net, C++, HTML5, PL/SQL, CSS3, IOS, Android
  • Talent Pool: Business Analysts, Software developers, Mobile, QA, DBA, PM, all levels of Support
  • Methodologies: Agile, Kanban, Waterfall
Our processes are:
  • Collaborative: we work closely with the client from project discovery, requirements gathering, development, testing and delivery.
  • Transparent: our clients know what we're working on and have the final say on prioritisation.
  • Interactive: we periodically review the product with our clients who are able to introduce new requirements.


Software development
Research & development
Application maintenance
Quality assurance & Application testing
System, network and database administration
Project management
Web design
Mobile development
Support (level 1,2 & 3)

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