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CXG is a fast-growing EU-based BPO provider with a proven track record in industries including: Electronic Invoicing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, IT and Data Services. 
Back in 2009 we set out to find the sweet spot between outsourcing and a standard business model. We believe we bring the best of both worlds and help our clients optimize costs and streamline their process.  We offer recruitment and HR management, facilities, set up and maintenance and IT equipment and support. 
We are committed to providing an exemplary service believe outsourcing is driven by quality, not cost. We know one size doesn't fit all. Our integrated BPO model can be tailored to make a difference to any business process and unit.
If you want to outsource some of your operations but you are wary of giving up visibility and control or want to make sure that the staff have sufficient knowledge and understanding of your business, the answer is our integrated solution. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to deliver results!
Meanwhile, we let our partners manage their own business by helping them recruit the right people for key positions in each department. They manage the daily workflow, set the KPI’s, do performance reviews and identify training needs. We believe it's the failure to offer this level of involvement that puts the traditional outsourcing service providers at a disadvantage. 
CXG carries the recruitment process through from the job description, reference checks, qualifications to short-listing candidates. We handle payroll, contractual, all legal aspects of HR, taxing and benefits.
Our multidisciplinary team and experience in different contexts and environments enable us to offer the best solution to our diverse client base.
We grew from a mere 25 to more than 150 people over seven years. The diversity of what we do and the career opportunities we offer have appealed to young and ambitious individuals from all walks of life, different countries and educational backgrounds.


All-inclusive HR Administration
Customer Support
Data Capture and Data Entry
Data Cleansing
Credit Control and Management

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